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How Do I Use Pruvit Bucks?

The following will give you the details for using Pruvit Bucks.

Prüvit Bucks can be turned into Coupon Codes which can be redeemed by either yourself of anyone who you give it to. This can be a great way to introduce someone to the Prüvit family, or top-up your own product supply.

Orders placed using Prüvit Bucks will NOT contribute any volume towards commissions (0 BV).

Prüvit Bucks cannot be used as partial payment.

The PB Coupon must be equal to or greater than the value of the order you are placing.

Prüvit Bucks cannot be used for your Smartship orders.

Prüvit Bucks can only be used towards KETO//OS.

This link will show you how to access these features...
and is located on your home page under 'downloads.'

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